Support --block-outside-dns on multiple tunnels As for the comp-lzo breakage - I need to go test. "--comp-lzo no" has always been a bit of a weird edge case - I think it is interpreted as "do not compress but understand incoming frames with lzo compression", and it's distinctly different from "no --comp-lzo in the config" (which would mean "do not understand anything about lzo").

*Question*: Fixing registry with --block-outside-dns is simple, but what should we do with IPv6 in OpenVPN? Should we introduce an option to disable IPv6 DNS  Connect to NordVPN manually with OpenVPN GUI on Windows. block-outside- dns. Don't forget to save the file before proceeding to the next steps of this  block-outside-dns. Doing this should solve any proxy-related DNS trouble. Remember, the above instructions are for the OpenVPN client only – if you're using a  DNS translates domain names into IP addresses, removing the need for a user to if you're connected to a misconfigured network, your DNS requests can “leak” outside of the encrypted tunnel. If a VPN doesn't support IPv6 or doesn't know how to block IPv6 requests, then OpenVPN plugin to fix Windows DNS Leaks. Paste block-outside-dns in the newly created row. block dns. Save the file and then close the text editor. Need help? Oct 8, 2018 Scroll down to the end of the file and add this line: block-outside-dns . 8. Connect to your OpenVPN server again and then refresh the 

Re: [Openvpn-devel] block-outside-dns and persist-tun Re: [Openvpn-devel] block-outside-dns and persist-tun From: ValdikSS - 2017-06-04 07:11:55

(or .ovpn) file for the server that you are connecting to and add the following on a new line. For more information see the OpenVPN manual. block-outside-dns. OpenVPN 2.3.9 introduced the "block-outside-dns" command as a method to prevent DNS leaks under Windows by blocking access to VPN servers through  To fix this either remove block-outside-dns or use DNS server addresses Is there a way to force the client to ignore the "block-outside-dns" config pushed by Further questions on this is better handled in the openvpn-users mailing list. Push block-outside-dns (DNS leak/Windows 10). Post by TitianRob16 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:42 pm. Hi all, Firstly, you'll have to forgive me as I've never used 

If you’re using an OpenVPN client on Windows 10 and you use the block-outside-dns option to prevent DNS leaks then you may experience some serious connection delays. The easiest way to fix the block-outside-dns connection issue is through the Network and Sharing Center, here’s how to do it:

Help needed finishing OpenVPN configuration/deployment It appears that I can connect to the OpenVPN server either by accessing its block-outside-dns. Apr 23, 2019 What causes a DNS Leak and what can be done to fix one? A well-configured VPN can block your IP address, shield you from tracking and all but a device or network attempts to make a DNS call outside of the VPN tunnel. Alternatively, if you're using an open-source app like OpenVPN, you'll need to  Dec 1, 2017 block-outside-dns. Users of older versions of OpenVPN should update to the newest OpenVPN version. If your VPN provider does not support